Photography and Video Reviews

Amazing photographer!!!

     Reviewed On 10/21/2015

We loved our experience with Dan. He really listened to our requests and captured "us" in our photos and videos. We couldn't be happier with the level of service that we received. Very professional, talented, responsive and reliable. We have received numerous compliments on our photography and were really fortunate that we had Dan and his team there to capture it all. Our photos and videos turned out amazing. They stay up to date with all of the newest technology. We are so happy that we went with Dugan studios and highly recommend them.

Great Videographer

     Reviewed On 1/22/2015 Sara M

I am so happy I got to work with Dan and Deb at Dugan Studios. My family and I love the videos and were very impressed with the quality. You can really tell Dugan Studios loves what they do and it shows in the videos.

Great Pictures and Easy to Work With - Do yourself a favor and give him a call!

     Reviewed On 12/01/2014

Dan was great and I highly recommend him to others to use for wedding pictures. He was very easy to work to with and was able to get all of the pictures that we wanted! My husband hates having his picture taken and even he commented on how he was glad we chose Dan for pictures. The best part was that we didn’t have to worry about anything related to pictures on the day of the wedding. Dan and his staff knew exactly what they were doing, had everything setup, got the pictures we wanted and did all of this without adding any stress to me on the day of the wedding. This was priceless! The pictures turned out amazing and we've had lots of compliments on them from family and friends.

Dugan Studios is the best!

     Reviewed On 11/20/2014

Dan Dugan and his crew provide excellent service and a wonderful product. Dugan Studios did the photography and videography for our wedding. Dan and his crew are personable and highly professional. The pictures from our wedding day are beautiful and capture so many memories. His videography is excellent and he coordinates various parts of the day to music along with recording the ceremony, toasts at the reception, and other important events. He uses microphones, lights, and multiple cameras to provide a first-rate product. Dan met with us several times before our wedding and was flexible in providing exactly what we wanted. We highly recommend Dugan Studios for both photography and videography!

Great Pictures!

     Reviewed On 11/06/2014

On time, friendly and I received the best pictures I've ever taken.

So happy with my wedding video!

     Reviewed On 6/26/2014

Dan created such an amazing video that really captured the feel of my wedding. From the unique aerial footage to the great clips of my grandparents getting down on the dance floor, the video was everything I could have asked for. I also loved his music choices. Dan was very professional and didn't get in any of my guests faces or anything with the cameras. He also stayed late into the night, later than we had discussed since our event got extended. He also edited the video based on a few additional people I wanted to include, which I really appreciated. My whole family is also so thrilled with the video. I know that when I look back in 30 years at the video, I will be able to remember every detail! Thank you Dan!!

Elaborate November 2012 Wedding with Blended Family

     Reviewed On 6/06/2013 Karen C

Dan Dugan and his team were fabulous from start to finish. From the first phone call, to the lengthy interview, to the actual events and the filming, and through the editing process. Our wedding was very complicated with lots of moving parts and lots of challenging music and footage. Not your everyday shoot! And Dan and his team did such an exceptional job and went above and beyond in so many aspects. Whatever service you decide on will be a great investment in keeping your cherished memories alive for years to come. My advice would be to find room in your budget for this and then ask yourself if they level of service going to meet your long-term needs. If you have to scrimp somewhere else to afford the level of service you need, then do that. This video will be around long after some of the treasured members of your family and friends are no longer with us and you will go back to enjoy this again and again over the years. Dan and his team get highest marks and utmost praise from me, my groom, my wedding party and my family and friends.

Amazing Experience!

     Reviewed On 4/02/2013 Elyse B

I was so glad that Dan and his staff were able to catch every moment of the day, things that photo cannot capture. He was not intrusive during the ceremony, but was still able to capture so many of the moments that I wanted. He also went above and beyond with interviews, music videos, etc and I know that this is something I will treasure. Because the day went so fast, it is nice to having something like this to watch back, especially something so high quality.

Couldn't be happier! So So So pleased with result

     Reviewed On 10/07/2012 Heather B

Dan and his partner Debbie were amazing! Dan was so kind from the moment we met him it was all about what he could do to ensure we got exactly what we wanted! Debbie played multiple roles and was not only a videographer but she felt like a dear friend that i had known for years at the wedding! She went above and beyond the call of videographer...she offered to go grab the bridesmaids and myself lunch! She even filled our water at dinner! she wanted everything to be perfect and I will always be grateful for both Dan and Debbie's genuine kindness. Looking back i am so glad that we made the decision to go with a videographer...and not just any videographer.. but dan and his team. I am so so so pleased with the results! we had an onsite edit that our guests could not stop talking about! it was such a nice capture of the days events for a wonderful closing of the evening. I also love the bridal spotlight video!! (i've made my husband watch it with me about 100 times already! :) ) Dan and his team captured everything with amazing quality and we will forever be grateful for all of their hard work and kindness!

Captured memories for a lifetime!

     Reviewed On 11/01/2011 Megan J

Dan Dugan and his team are absolutely, hands down the best videographers in Cincinnati. Dan is 100% real and will do whatever it takes to make the bride, groom and families happy. He does not put limits on what can and cannot be done. He will revise videos if asked. I could not have asked for a better wedding video to sit and share with my family and friends so that we all can look back at one of the best days of my life. Dan is absolutely reasonable in price and wonderful to work with!

Dan Dugan knows what he's doing!

     Reviewed On 10/31/2011 Brooke M

I have known Dan Dugan for many years, but only recently have re-connected. He goes beyond the expected in making the customer happy while delivering a professional product. He acknowledges that each client is different in their wishes and expectations, but he makes suggestions from his years of experience that prove to be "just what the Bride & Groom wanted". He is technically skilled and keeps updated with the highest quality of equipment. Dan is committed to making your video a keepsake...regardless of the weather, your wedding day looks beautiful! sincerely, Terri mother of a Bride last year, and Groom this year

Dugan Video

     Reviewed On 7/28/2011 Helene A

My husband, family and I love our Wedding Video. Dan did a wonderful job with it. It turned out better than we could have imagined. Dan and his employees were extremely friendly and easy to work with. The quality of the video was great. Dan captured all of the important events of the day and much more. When we watched the video it brought back great memories. There were parts that made us laugh and cry. We had over 300 people at our reception so a lot of funny things were happening at the reception that my husband and I didn't know about. It was great to see it all on video!


     Reviewed On 6/01/2011 Erika B

I had a very unique request. I was having an intimate ceremony with only 20 people. But following that I was having a 200 person reception. Since those 200 people were not able to be in attendance I was requesting that Dan, videotape my ceremony and then immediately edit it to include me walking down the isle and then having my husbands reaction and then the rest of the ceremony- all in two hours. Well he did it. With the time crunch he wasn't able to go with the easy plan of just dropping it to a flash drive and having us take it from there, so he thankfully took it upon himself to drive to my reception hall and play the video from his computer. My guests LOVED it and they completely felt like a part of the actual ceremony. Dan gave my guests feelings and emotions that I couldn't. I'm so thankful! He did a great job as well after the fact of truly editing it for a memorable keepsake, that I will treasure forever!

He was right

     Reviewed On 3/15/2011 Sarah R

[From the groom:] At our first meeting with Dan he mentioned that of all the extras available for a wedding, hiring a videographer is typically the one that people are either happiest to have done or most regret not having done. Now that my wife and I have our ceremony on DVD I can honestly say that we fall into the former camp. Our wedding day was hands down the best day of my life, and to have the opportunity to watch and relive it with her whenever we want is far more important to me than I would have expected. It is amazing how many little things I missed during the excitement of that day. And it's also great to be able to watch things like our first dance and my best man's speech over and over again. Dan was absolutely correct: I cannot imagine not having that night on video. As for my experience with the Dugan Studios, I can honestly say that they were lovely guests at our wedding. We found both of them to be exceptionally nice and pleasant people who genuinely seemed to enjoy their time at our wedding. They also seemed to enjoy the work that they were doing so much that they just sort of blended into the happy background while they recorded our big day. The finished product was fantastic. Dan made sure to get the plan for all of the big moments at our ceremony and he didn't miss a second of any of them. We even had a surprise or two that were important to us, and fortunately for us--since our photographer completely missed one of them--Dan and Deb captured them flawlessly. The finished product contains our ceremony and reception broken into chapters on the DVD so that we can easily jump to sections that we want to see. There is also loads of extra footage (like the bride getting ready, which I would have otherwise never seen) that they captured and included in a sort of "Outtakes" chapter. And the music video . . . We've been married for about a year and a half now and the music video that Dan made still puts a lump in my throat. If you made it through all of that, please keep in mind that I could go on and on about how happy I was to have hired Dugan Studios as our videographers. In case you simply read the beginning and the end, let me summarize: Dan was right. Hire a videographer.

Great Video

     Reviewed On 11/23/2010 Alana T

Dan and his wife caught every moment of the big day. Communication is great! He makes a wedding highlight music video before he gets the edited wedding video to you. Everyone loved the music video... it made us all laugh and cry! I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone looking for a caring videographer that cares about you and your day! Thanks so much Dan!!

Mother knows best

     Reviewed On 9/23/2010 Lisa T

My daughter did not want to spend money on a videographer but I insisted. After viewing all the photos and the videos taken, it's the videos that brings tears to her (and our) eyes every time they are viewed. Still photos are beautiful but nothing can capture raw emotion like a video. Dan Dugan gave us a wonderful gift!

Personal, Professional, Creative, Awesome

     Reviewed On 6/11/2010 Anniem G

My experience with Dugan Studios was tremendous! He personally meets with the couple, plans their day with them and doesn't miss a thing the day of the wedding. He captured all the important moments, and even those little ones that mean a lot later on. He is never intrusive, but gets what he needs to make a great video of the day. He has an eye for capturing the highlights in a beautiful way. Then he puts is all together into an amazing video that is fun and sentimental, and just wonderful to watch over and over. He divides it in to segments so that you can watch certain highlights of the day, or the whole ceremony at once. It truly is a treasured keepsake that helps us to relive that special day. I enthusiastically recommend Dugan Studios, and in fact, are using him again for our son's wedding this fall!


     Reviewed On 6/11/2010 Amy B

Dan, You and Deb did a fabulous job!!! Kyle and I absolutely LOVE our video!!! The buckeye theme and the Bridal spotlight are two of our favorite sections. We watch the video alot more than I would have thought. Thanks for capturing all those memories!! Also, thank you for going above and beyond anything we could have imagined!!!! You know it is a great video when people ask to watch it multiple times. Thanks again!!! Amy and Kyle Zink

     Reviewed On 6/04/2010 Amanda E

Very easy to work with. Very passionate about his work, reliable, trustworthy, and goes out of his way to make his customers happy!

Excellent Product, Professional Service

     Reviewed On 6/01/2010 Nicole Y

Dugan Studios exceeded all of our expectations. Dan Dugan created a video of our wedding day that perfectly depicted our experience. He was very professional, both in the preparation process and on our wedding day. His editing skills are amazing, as provides multiple product options and is efficient and highly attentive to detail. He met with us multiple times during the wedding preparation process, and he was extremely accommodating to our requests. We were so happy with our choice to go with Dan Dugan for our wedding videography. The video of our wedding is one of our most treasured possessions. The experience goes by so quickly, and I have thoroughly enjoyed having the most important aspects of our wedding day available for viewing now and to show our children in the future.

Dugan Videographers are the best for music videos!

     Reviewed On 5/20/2010 Karen R

We were so very happy with the wedding video of our children, especially the music videos, yes more than one music video, they were awesome! We enjoy them over and over, even though the wedding was over two years ago. As far as the weddding video, Dan and Deb took extra special care with waiting for that rare moment of a special look or "I love you" during the wedding, and they were able to capture that very moment during the wedding when our daughter in law, Amy, whispered to our son "I love you". It was truly a once in lifetime moment captured forever in this amazing wedding video. Wedding pictures are beautiful, but videos are like reliving the wedding over and over again with music and laughter, bringing you back to that joyous occasion again and again. Dan and his crew are the best wedding videographers!

Great Job!

     Reviewed On 5/18/2010 Andrea K

My husband and I were married last September and it was truly the best day of our lives! Dan and Deb definitely helped in making the day such a success. When transportation mishaps occurred Dan and Deb piled some of our out of town guests in their own cars and took them from the church to the reception site. Saved us big time! We really didn't notice them much throughout the day but the video definitely captured it all. Everyone that sees our wedding video is so impressed with it! We could watch it over and over again! Dan even hand delivered the videos to us and offered to make more copies if needed. I would definitely recommend Dugan Studios to anyone getting married. They really go the extra mile to make sure their brides and grooms are happy!