Tips For Finding A DJ for Your Reception

by Dan Dugan

Tips for finding a DJ


Brandon Lindsey in the Owner of Hey! Mr. DJ Event & Lighting Group in Cincinnati Ohio. He has been a wedding DJ for more than 17 years. He is a regular speaker at national DJ conferences. Brandon also is produces “The Grooms Workshop” here in Cincinnati. I have worked with Brandon at many receptions. He is a true professional DJ, and a great personality. You will love having him at your wedding reception.


I’m honored that Dan has asked me to write an article giving brides and grooms my best tips for finding a wedding DJ.

If there is one thing I would want brides to know when hiring a DJ is my website address!


Here are some 8 tips for brides on hiring a wedding DJ.

Understand what you are really hiring. Many couples rightfully assume that they are simply hiring someone to play music at their wedding for a few hours. In the wedding business the DJ is way more than the music. You are hiring someone to be on a live microphone in front of all of your friends and family. You are hiring a sound system that can enhance your event or ruin it. You are hiring someone to help manage the flow of your event and keep things moving. You are hiring ideas to personalize, customize and make your day unique and fun. Many times your DJ is even your lighting person as well.

Find out if they have worked at your location. If they have not, are they willing to do a sight visit with you before the big day? It’s usually a good idea for the DJ to know the lay of the land and to scout out the location first. It’s also an indication as to how much experience they might have. DJ’s should know the venue and the layout of the reception in order to help you plan an event with a good focal point for your events and good quality sound for all the guests.

Ask about their professional training. What have they done in the last couple of years to continue to perfect their craft. This is a good indication of who is serious about their job and who is simply a self-trained weekend warrior.

Find out if they will be the actual DJ who will be at your event. If not find out if you will get to meet with and plan with the person who will be at your wedding. This is important because you want to make sure they are someone you like. Someone you are willing to have on a microphone on the biggest day of your life. You will be nervous on the day of your wedding. Having that person you planned with meet you at the reception with a big smile will put you at ease rather than having a stranger greet you at the door and you continue to worry that they received the proper information about your day.

 I recommend asking about their mixing ability. Weddings are a place where people are not always comfortable dancing. A DJ who has the ability to seamlessly mix music from one song to the other will have more success keeping your dance floor full than someone who simply lets a song end and stars a new one. While song selection is the real key to a great dance floor the ability to beat match songs will let your guests dance right into the next song.

Find out if this DJ has a backup plan.  It’s dinner time at your wedding and the music goes off. It’s a power surge that ruined the DJs equipment. Will you eventually have music or will you be stuck with nothing. Do they have a backup plan in case they are sick, in an accident or otherwise unable to make your wedding? This is a very important question and a good DJ should have a clear and thought out plan.

Don’t start any conversation with a potential DJ with “How much do you charge?”.  Once you ask this question you are simply assuming all DJs are the same. One DJ may help turn your reception into the greatest reception your friends and family have ever attended while another may give you the most cookie cutter night of your life. First find out what value they offer your event.

Finally understand that the DJ is likely the best bargain you will find at your reception. The Knot says weddings in the Cincinnati area on average cost about $25,000. Even the most expensive DJ in Cincinnati will likely be less than 10% of that budget. Yet he will be responsible for 4-6 hours of your wedding day. The job he does will likely be a huge percentage of  your guests experience. People say a great DJ can make or break your wedding. This is not the place to bargain shop.

Hopefully these tips will help you in selecting the perfect DJ for you and someone that will work with you as a partner in making your reception amazing and memorable!

Thanks, Brandon.